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We tailor it for you, Our skilled R & D and sales personnel are waiting for you to contact them, so that they can help you find the right packaging solutions for transportation and storing. Our long-term international operations and cooperation with companies from various branches of industry have created a strong basis for the development of profitable and efficient packaging solutions.

Package Consulting and Engineering: The process starts by charting the requirements of your product to be packed. This means sorting out the best possible raw materials, the structure and dimensioning of the package and the most reasonable mode of transport. Thus the whole life cycle of the package is being considered.

Package Design: We are able to produce packages and storage boxes with a finished appearance, e.g. gift boxes, exhibition furniture and decorative storage boxes.

Drawings and Modelling: Before starting the process of manufacturing your packages, we will make drawings or 3D-drawings of your package upon request. Some of the products may need one or several specimens in order to be tested during every stage of the life cycle.